the choice to love

Often, I find people to be annoying. Certain personality traits, mannerisms, habits and tones of voice irritate me. I often question other peoples' choices and actions and reasonings. And it's actually within the last several months I've seen a change in my ability to be annoyed. 

This world has created the notion that we are the one who is right. The issue here is that specified notion is not specified, but more generalized. Our "rightness" has stemmed from the belief that every word we speak, we get to speak it and everyone has to listen to it and respect it. SURPRISE, please stop because no. This online life has made many of us think that it should be just our way or no way. And then lots of people start thinking that, and all those people think differently, and then we have a whole bunch of people with different ideas all thinking their idea is the only one with merit. PRY INCORRECT.

And when I was transitioning away from that mindset, I realized how often I had to actively remind myself to just stop. And this conscientious wave entered my life and has stayed. Because I realized that I am also annoying. I have personality traits, mannerisms, habits and tones of voice that are probably offensive and irritating to people. 

And then after I realized this, I realized how many people love me, care for me, check in on me, and show me so much love. They do all this even when I'm annoying. They do this even when I fall short. They check in on me when they know I'm not okay, but they I tell them I am anyway. 

Gosh, we are all messy here. We are loud, crabby, late, off-task, and rude. We are selfish and short with people. We complain and stay up late and take things out on people that maybe we shouldn't. And there are a lot of people who love us anyway. 

So when I look around at all of the unattractive qualities in other people, I don't really look too closely at that stuff. When we make a choice to look past the flaws in a person, we make the choice to love them unconditionally. And that's the kinda thing that holds us all together.