you: a letter to the teenagers

Sweet students:

I hate to leave you right now. But whether you will read this right now, before I leave you by my own doing, or if you read it in the future, know that at some point these parting words are necessary. I hope that you know me enough to know that I speak from a place of experience, a place of love, and a place of sincere hope for you and your well being and happiness. 



Remember to always use your head. Think for an extra five seconds when you have to make hard decisions or are in any situation that makes you feel uneasy. That uneasiness is your body telling you to pay attention. So please do. Take your time. Don't rush anything if you don't absolutely have to. In anything. Do your very best in every situation. This is where your reputation originates, and outlines the way that people perceive you. Don't be a slave to what others think, but also don't make yourself look bad. You aren't, so why would you want to appear to be? Trust me, you want people to see you in the best light. This is where relationships are formed, where trust is developed and where your future is curated. It's important. I promise. You are what you consistently do and who you are consistently with. Be mindful of this. Do things in love, with compassion and understanding and grace. But always use your judgement to protect yourself and those around you. Some people need our love up close, and others, from a distance. Your love is needed, you just have to pay attention enough to know how it is best used. Know that you were made to be you. Yes, you will learn and grow and change. You will make mistakes. Let that guilt you feel in those moments paint a picture of the life you are worthy of living, and the life you do not want to have for yourself. Please know that everyone does things they aren't proud of. Life is one big muscle, and we get stronger and better at it by exercising our perseverance. Know that no matter what you do, or the mistakes you make, you are so loved and so worthy of great things. The right people will love you unconditionally. If a person is loving you with a condition, please understand that that is not a pure love. Most people give us the most they can give us, so if someone isn't giving you something you need, they probably don't have it. Move on from these relationships and people when you are able. Not everyone will "get" you, and they aren't all meant to. Have faith and be expectant that great things are always right around the corner. Your life can change in one minute. I know this because mine has. If things are not going how you want them to, be expectant that your time will come. Be joyfully expectant. It is not that the world owes you anything, but it's more that you attitude you project will definitely dictate what comes back in your direction. I promise. Be conscious of the fact that you will soon turn into an adult and that at some point, the reasons you give and the people and situations you blame for your shortcomings will only be seen as excuses. Life is not kind to those who make excuses. At the end of the day, you will be the only one who actually has to deal with the life that you have created and the things that you have done. So take care of yourself and respect yourself and value yourself. You are your own care-taker. You are your own advocate. You are your own decision maker. Stand strongly on your own two feet. But also know that it's okay to lean on the people who love you. Be smart. Be joyful. Be intense. Lay it all out on the table always, and be honest. Shoot people straight, and most importantly be that way with yourself. It's a long and treacherous life out there. So love it and appreciate it and let people know how you feel. It's long and short all at once. Love hard.

And hopefully think about me from time to time. 

Know I love ya <3