Session information

Sessions take place at my studio in Lincoln! I do them on weekday evenings and they typically last 2-3 hours. 

Once your session is scheduled, you will receive an email with all of the prep information that you will find useful for your session! You can also find some of that info below!

Everything we need for the session is provided! Anything you have seen in my images (at least the vast majority) is mine and I have lots of things available to use. In fact, I set up and style each newborn session with input from parents. By booking with me, you are telling me that you like what I do and want me to do that for you and your family! Some parents bring heirloom items or one special item to incorporate into the session, if they choose! 

If your session includes parent/sibling photos as well, please feel free to discuss wardrobe options with me! Parents are usually in neutrals, black, tan, grey, etc., and mommies are never photographed below their chest, unless otherwise requested. Dads are sometimes shirtless (sometimes I ask that awkward question, ha!) and it can be very beautiful! It is all about what is comfortable and flattering for you and what is safe for baby! So with that said, certain poses will be chosen based on the age of any existing sibling(s).  Younger siblings can also shirt free (boys) or covered with a newborn wrap (girls). I do have a few select neutral dresses for girl siblings (through size six) as well. Again, please ask me anything!

PACIFIERS- are our friend! I promise you I would never suggest anything to you that could interrupt a feeding regimen or anything like that. It is just a nice resource to have if for some reason baby is not settling. A settled baby is a safe baby. If a baby is awake or unsettled, posing is not safe to do and we become limited to certain wrapped up/swaddled poses! This is perfectly fine with me, but I do understand that many parents are desiring other posed looks! 

Gallery turn around time is approximately four weeks, so if you need any images for a birth announcement, please let me know!