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I could go on and on and on but I honestly cannot say enough about each and every experience we have had with Jill over the past few years. From maternity, newborn, engagement, wedding, & now Stella's 2 year pictures. Jill has captured the love, beauty, and over all excitement of each of these different journeys in our lives. She is SOOOO attentive, will always do whatever she can to make you comfortable, and can make you laugh like you never have before. The time, focus, and energy she puts into each shot, is something you cannot thank her enough for. So here's another THANK YOU, from the bottom of our hearts for playing such an important part in our lives. Our forever photographer, keep shinning bright!

We love you! Love, Brittany, Brett, & Stella Tomes



bridal shoot


Jillian goes above and beyond as a photographer. She truly invests her heart and soul into your vision, experience, and photos.

She brought her own curling wand to fix my hair for our engagement photos and travelled all the way to Mexico to photograph our wedding - Jill is a true example of everything you hope for in someone capturing the most precious moments of your life. She shared her expertise on so many aspects of our wedding that not only helped the day run smoothly but helped my husband and I be able to more fully enjoy our day. She helped with the basics like the timeline, telling people where to be, and playing music to loosen us up. It felt natural to be in front of the camera with her. But then when we saw our photos she did so much more than just provide photos...she provided artwork for our walls and memories that will last a lifetime. The sheer number of photos Jillian provided us was enough to be more than pleased but when we saw how beautifully she captured our emotions and the pristine detail she put into her style...we will never be able to express enough gratitude.

I believe that photography is so important because precious moments come and go so quickly, it is crucial to have pieces to help you remember. I also believe that investing in a photographer who has the vision, talent, and heart to do capture those precious moments beautifully is something you will not regret. Jillian is an amazing artist, photographer, and friend. She will invest in you if you invest in her. ❤️

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